About Us

Hungryaar is a Bangalore based company started in 2016. Hungryaar is been passionately started to break down complicated food recipes into the simple easily makeable recipes and a platform to be public to post the recipes created by them.

Hungryaar is mainly started for Indian food lovers. We Indians are having varities of regional cuisine and all we need is one platform to create community and share, communicate and with each other's the style of cooking. To make the perfect taste of a recipe we need to follow the procedure of adding the ingredients with particular time and order of adding the ingredients while preparing a food recipe. Our platform is to encourage those food lovers who want to experience the perfection in cooking a dish and also a platform to showcase their new invented recipes to our community. Hungryaar is a complete social platform of food, people can follow one another's recipes, make a friend, help each other and much more. Our Motto is to create a platform where anyone can share the original taste of the particular recipe with their cooking style, and encouraging the art of cooking in everyone.