Food Bloggers

Food writers and editors are writers who specialize in writing reviews and critical essays on specific food, restaurants, bars, and other food related establishments. Many food writers and editors work for magazines, websites or publications and visit restaurants and bars to try new dishes or specific foods to write about. In many cases, food writers are freelance writers who write for various publications but specialize in writing about food. In order to be successful, food writers will not only be good writers, but willing and able to try just about anything at least once. They should also understand culinary traditions and techniques from different countries in order to decipher the authenticity of a dish. Food writers and editors will have a taste for many different types of food and be able to distinguish different flavors and techniques put into a recipe.

Food Photographer

Creativity, attention to detail, technical photography skills, experience with digital cameras, computer editing software and digital printing. Should be able to successfully capture and sell a prepared food or recipe, the photographer must understand his subject as well as he does his tools. Food photography requires expertise, not only with camera, lighting and placement techniques, but also with food itself. Aspiring food photographers should ideally care about and understand food

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