awarekalina bassaru/Hyacinth Beans bassaru

Last Updated : 25 Jan 2018

Hamsalohit Bangyar

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  • Servings
  • 2
  • Cook Time
  • 15min
  • Prep Time
  • 15min

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  • Hyacinth Beans-1/4 kg(use only it's stock)
  • green chilli -3
  • jeera, coriander seeds-1 tspn
  • grated coconut-3 tspn
  • tamarind juice-4 tspn
  • salt to teast
  • garlic -4 cloves
  • water as required


  • in a cooker put water, salt and Hyacinth Beans seeds and place on stove for high fame and cook for 2 vissels
  • now in a mixer jar add grated coconut, jeera, coriander seeds, green chilli, garlic cloves,water and grind it to fine peast
  • now in a pan put Hyacinth Beans seeds stock ( only take water present in the cooker, don't take Hyacinth Beans)
  • and allow it to heat for some time.. now add the peast present it the mixy jar..
  • then add tamarind juice, salt to teast, boil it for some time
  • if u want bassaru little bit thick, grind 2 tspn of cooked hyacinth Beans and add to pan and allow to boil for some time
  • now Hyacinth Beans bassaru is ready to serve with ragi Mudde and rice



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